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1.  . September 19, 2015
The POST NEWSPAPER of Galveston County.
Lloyd Criss to Run For Legislative Post

Watch out, Wayne!

September 15, 2015

By Travis Gumphrey

THE COUNTY’S top Democrat is to take on Wayne Faircloth in a fight for the state’s house district 23 in next year’s general election.
Lloyd Criss, the party’s county chairman, visited The Post to announce his plan to run for the state house of representatives against Republican incumbent Faircloth.
It won’t be his first run at state public office as he served in the house from 1978 to 1990.
Criss said he is not a person who is out looking for a political job because he’s already been in that role. However, he does believe things need to change at the state capitol.
“After looking at the latest legislative session, I was disappointed and I think the people deserve better representation,” he told The Post on Thursday.
Criss said legislators from this area have historically brought home victories for the county but that no longer appears to be the case.
“Other than performance comparisons, I plan to wage a positive issue-oriented campaign,” he said, quoting his campaign news release.
“Our community can count on me to fight for windstorm insurance rate reduction, property tax reform, funding public education, women’s health, voting rights, sane gun laws, workers’ safety and a return to fiscal responsibility in state government.”
Another key issue he wants to reform is political donations, which he says won’t rule his votes.
“All votes on legislative issues will be based strictly on merit and how they affect the lives in district 23 and the citizens of the state,” he said.
“My votes will not be based on political contributions or be influenced by any special interest or pressure group.”
The Democrat also said he wants the public to be involved in the governmental process.
“When I’m in office, ask me anything and I’ll tell you, even if it hurts,” he said.
“The public has the right to know what’s going on. You can come look in my files, even. I don’t believe in politicians hiding things from the public.”



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The local political clubs are all going strong with plenty of activities.  New people who wish to become politically active and make a difference are encouraged to join the local county democratic club of your choice or area.  Your input is welcome.  Information on where, why and how to join is provided in this web site.


Local Campaign Headquarters will open throughout the County in early Fall, 2016.  Watch for information about where to pick up candidate materials.  Please volunteer to work in a headquarters near you.


We have many other exciting events planned in the future in 2015-2016 that will be featured in upcoming reports.  Watch our County calendar!

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